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August 07 2017

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Chicago Tribune murders ridesharing service, film at 11. (x)

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Ark. Written by Ehud Lavski. Art by Yael Nathan. If you like it, please share.

Contact: elavski@gmail.com




the united states: [supports ISIS to overthrow Assad]

the united states: [supports the YPG to fight ISIS]

the united states: [supports Assad to squelch both the YPG and ISIS]

the united states: this is a great idea and there is absolutely no possible way this could backfire

Someone please photoshop an American flag version of the anclap thumbs up ball

they missed out the bit where the US backs Al-Qaeda to fight the YPG

Children Don't Ruin Women's Careers-Husbands Do, Harvard Study Finds





A new study of Harvard Business School graduates from HBS’s Robin Ely and Colleen Ammerman and Hunter College sociologist Pamela Stone shows that high-achieving women are not meeting the career goals they set for themselves in their 20s. It’s not because they’re “opting out” of the workforce when they have kids, but because they’re allowing their partners’ careers to take precedence over their own.

The study’s authors interviewed 25,000 men and women who graduated from Harvard Business School over the past several decades. The male graduates were much more likely to be in senior management positions and have more responsibility and more direct reports than their female peers. But why? It’s not because women are leaving the workforce en masse. The authors found, definitively, that the “opt-out” explanation is a myth. Among Gen X and baby boomers they surveyed, only 11 percent of women left the workforce to be full-time moms. That figure is lower for women of colour—only 7 percent stopped working. The vast majority (74 percent) of Gen Xers, women who are currently 32-48 and in the prime of their child-rearing years, work full time, an average of 52 hours a week.

But while these women are still working, they are also making more unexpected sacrifices than their male classmates are. When they graduated, more than half of male HBS grads said they expected their careers would take precedence over their partners’. Only 7 percent of Gen X women and 3 percent of baby boomer women said they expected their careers to take precedence. Here’s what they did expect: The majority of women said they assumed they would have egalitarian marriages in which both spouses’ careers were taken equally seriously.

A lot of those women were wrong. About 40 percent of Gen X and boomer women said their spouses’ careers took priority over theirs, while only about 20 percent of them had planned on their careers taking a back seat. Compare that with the men: More than 70 percent of Gen X and boomer men say their careers are more important than their wives’. When you look at child care responsibilities, the numbers are starker. A full 86 percent of Gen X and boomer men said their wives take primary responsibility for child care, and the women agree: 65 percent of Gen X women and 72 percent of boomer women—all HBS grads, most of whom work—say they’re the ones who do most of the child care in their relationships.

Of course, marital arrangements aren’t the only force holding women back. Part of the reason these women aren’t advancing at the same rate as their male counterparts is that after they have kids, they get “mommy-tracked.” In many ways, they’re not considered management candidates anymore. “They may have been stigmatized for taking advantage of flex options or reduced schedules, passed over for high-profile assignments, or removed from projects they once led,” the authors note. Other studies support these findings, as they have shown that there is a real, substantial motherhood penalty that involves lower pay and fewer promotions for women with kids, because employers assume they will be less dedicated to their jobs (as do, we now know, their husbands).

But the personal piece of the female achievement gap puzzle is important, and it’s something that’s very difficult to shift. The study’s authors note that while millennial HBS grads are a little more egalitarian than their older peers, half of the youngest men still assume that their careers will take precedence, and two-thirds of them assume their spouses will do the majority of child care.

Important info, but I hate the way this was written.

“It’s not because they’re “opting out” of the workforce when they have kids, but because they’re allowing their partners’ careers to take precedence over their own.“ but because they have self-indulgent patriarchal male partners that encourage and expect them to give up their career dreams in favor of catering to their families, something the men themselves are too self-entitled and lazy to do.

Also big shoutout to all those millennial male HBS grads that are still patriarchal and entitled. And by shoutout I mean fuck you.

After reading this, these just became 200% more annoying

…she IS helping you, at her own expense, you insufferable brat….

This shit has always pissed me off

Ironic that it’s the other way around.

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Okay but this.

Best thing ive ever seen??

I don’t think I’ve ever reblogged something fitness related before. But now can I not?

ok im so happy to see this bc ive only seen the ones with guy superheroes
which is cool and all but most of my faves are on this list????


I really need to save all these and start using them.

how to play skyrim on pc:



  • enable a minimum of 43 mods without testing a single one
  • pray




I’m just curious - where do people get their motivation to keep drawing? :V

shia labeouf




honestly at this point, what HASN’T The Simpsons predicted for the future???


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Uh, Minnie, I have something to tell you…

youd be scared too if a 6 inch tall naked human sprinted across your floor

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I enjoy teasing…maybe a little too much 😇

(Please don’t remove my caption or self-promote 💖)




Men are bus schedules


Always lying



I find the concept of growing in love so much prettier than love at first sight?? like one day you look at someone and you suddenly realize you see them in a different light than you did the night before. that’s falling.

yes omg 👏

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Dope Nasa Items

Pick any two of them, Free Worldwide Shipping!





I just realized the first cars movie and the first thor movie have the same exact plot

I want an explanation

A man on the road to greatness ends up lost in a small desert town with seemingly no hope of getting back to the life he knows, over time he falls in love with someone there and learns to be humble. With this character development complete he’s able to return to his life never forgetting the people in that desert town.


Hermione took out a list of subjects and titles she had decided to search while Ron strode off down a row of books and started pulling them off the shelves at random. Harry wandered over to the Restricted Section.” 

Okay but this is legit a summary of how the trio works: Hermione is methodical and organised, Ron is “fuck this I’m winging it #yolo”, and Harry looks for something illegal to do.

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Charts And Infographics By Stephen Wildish.

How is it that this makes me feel uncomfortable and pleased at the same time?

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I love drawing cute scenes.

I know I don’t usually reblog things here but please more people look at this amazing thing.

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